Strength in Numbers

An informational campaign about the 2020 Census by the Latino Policy Forum

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Confidentiality (English, Customizable)
Confidencialidad (Español, Normal)
Latinos de Illinois (Español, Personalizable)
No Citizenship Question (English, Regular)
Count All Your Kids (English, Customizable)
Incluya a Todos Sus Hijos (Español, Normal)
Deber Legal Censo (Español, Personalizable)
Ways to Respond (English, Regular)
Confidentiality (English, Regular)
Latinos in Illinois (English, Customizable)
Latinos de Illinois (Español, Normal)
No Hay Pregunta Sobre Ciudadanía (Español, Personalizable)
Count All Your Kids (English, Regular)
Census is the Law (English, Customizable)
Deber Legal Censo (Español, Normal)
Maneras de Responder (Español, Personalizable)
Confidencialidad (Español, Personalizable)
Latinos in Illinois (English, Regular)
No Citizenship Question (English, Customizable)
No Hay Pregunta Sobre Ciudadanía (Español, Normal)
Incluya a Todos Sus Hijos (Español, Personalizable)
Census is the Law (English, Regular)
Ways to Respond (English, Customizable)
Maneras de Responder (Español, Normal)

Census Lotería Set

About This Campaign

Strength in Numbers is a series of informational toolkits for encouraging Latino participation in the 2020 Census. Its purpose is to ensure that all people residing in Illinois are counted so that quality programs and services remain available to them.

All fact sheets and social media materials designed by Juan Mora.

Special thanks to La Unión Del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) and Abriendo Puertas for support with developing the Census Lotería set.

These materials were made possible through funding provided by Forefront, Nielsen, and the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) through subgrants from ICIRR and the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus. The contents are solely the responsibility of the Latino Policy Forum, Executive Director Sylvia Puente.